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Strengthen your

CSR policy

Flexible packaging solutions and labels are necessary to distribute products safely, hygienically and with the right information. Optimum Group™ actively contributes to reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials. Without compromising on the necessary quality requirements for labels and packaging. In this way, our solutions strengthen your sustainability.

Industry leader
in sustainability

Optimum Group™ focuses on reducing its environmental impact. As one of the largest producers of packaging materials, we also have a duty to strive for minimum environmental impact. By reducing waste and CO2 emissions, for example. With our vision on sustainability, Optimum Group™ has grown in 10 years to become a leader in the industry.

Material, process
and solution

Labels and packaging are, in principle, not sustainable. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities to make them more sustainable. The packaging industry sets increasingly high standards. That's why we fulfil your packaging requirements as sustainably as possible. Optimum Group™ is constantly developing more sustainable labels and flexible packaging solutions. Our production and logistics processes are constantly being made more sustainable.

For example, Optimum Group™ works with wafer-thin labels and foils, which produce up to 25 per cent less waste. We also create labels from recycled materials. We use sustainable energy sources, such as solar panels, and use electric cars. And our raw materials have environmental labels such as FSC. This is how we reinforce your CSR policy.

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Discover our plans, be inspired and work with us to make the world a better place. In all our decisions we seek a balance between people, the planet and profit, and are frontrunners in the march towards a better environment.