We are Optimum Group™ "Together we change the future of labels & flexible packaging solutions"

Grown into a leader

in the packaging industry

Optimum Group™ has established its name in the packaging industry with specialised sites throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Each site has its own specialisation, production facility and team. However, always as part of the whole Optimum Group™.

Printing companies
that survive digitalisation

Through further digitalisation and automation, labels and flexible packaging have acquired a more essential position in the logistics process. The Optimum Group™'s specialised printing companies meet the high demands that the market places on its supply partners. Flexible, reliable and fully engaged in the future of labels and flexible packaging solutions.


The consolidation in the industry is causing many printing companies to choose to merge. We are moving towards a market where printing companies are joining forces. Secure yourself a place in the future label printing company at Optimum Group™. With the largest production capacity in the Benelux, we are leading the market.