We are Optimum Group™ "Together we change the future of labels & flexible packaging solutions"

Mission and Vision

In the end, we make the difference

The mission of Optimum Group™ is to deliver labels and flexible packaging solutions that help our customers build their brands through a broad portfolio, best-in-class delivery reliability and highly engaged people. Our vision for the future is to be a market leader of labels and flexible packaging products for the Northern European market providing value to our stakeholders through innovative and sustainable products.

Sustainable innovations
for flexible packaging solutions and labels

Labels are an indispensable part of product packaging and presentation. We have been active in this sector for many years.  With the products we create today, we think of tomorrow. Optimum Group™ is committed to the most sustainable packaging solutions. We develop biodegradable packaging, washable labels and use inks that do not contain harmful substances. The quality and appearance of Optimum Group™ products is consistently good. And they contribute to a minimal environmental impact.

"Together we change the future of labels & flexible packaging solutions."

Pure product experience
and transparency

Labels and flexible packaging solutions add value to your product. A label, foil or sleeve defines the look. The value that a packaging solution realises is enormous. It ensures transparency about the content. It makes your product hygienic and safe. And it makes the target group's product experience complete.