We are Optimum Group™ "Together we change the future of labels & flexible packaging solutions"

Proud of our certifications


Optimum Group™ is BRC-, FSC®- and ISO-certified and we wear these labels with pride. For us, it is important to meet the highest quality standards in terms of food safety, people & environment.


Within Optimum Group™, we have a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility. For example, we have actively participated in responsible forest management by only using suppliers that are FSC-certified. For this, we have received the FSC certificate. This certificate guarantees that products come from responsibly managed forests.



We are very critical in our self-assessments and constantly strive to improve all our quality standards. 

The proof that our focus on quality is paying off is the fact that we have received the highest possible rating (Grade AA) in the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials in the packaging category: High Hygiene in Flexible Foils and Print Processes. This food safety standard is used worldwide and indicates that our labels and packaging meet the requirements for food safety and quality.


Quality management is of high importance to us. We work on improving our products and processes on a daily basis and are recognised for this with various ISO certifications. The internationally recognised ISO label shows that we constantly monitor and improve the quality of our products and processes.


Our site in Enschede is one of the few printing companies in the Netherlands that is certified to print special ink for the Deutsche Pfandsystem GMBH. This means that the product is subject to a deposit and can thus be recognised by the deposit machines. For this reason, printing with this special deposit ink may only be carried out by authorised label manufacturers.


ISCC - International Sustainability and Carbon Certification is a globally applicable sustainability certification system and covers all renewable resources, including biomass from agriculture and forestry, circular and bio-based materials and renewable energy sources. Optimum Group™ Max Aarts holds the ISCC+ certification audit for the supply of R-BOPP.


Social Responsibility

Flexible packaging and labels are necessary to distribute products safely, hygienically and with the right information. Optimum Group™ actively contributes to reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials. Without compromising on the necessary quality requirements for labels and packaging. So our labels and tags strengthen your sustainability.